What is the SU (HÖK)?

It is the abbreviation of Students' Union (Hallgatói Önkormányzat).

How does the SU work?

The SU works through their elected bodies: the General Assembly, the Standing Committees of the General Assembly and the Presidium.

Who can be member of the SU?

Everyone with a student status at the University is substantively a member.

What is the General Assembly's role?

Everything that affects the students directly or indirectly belongs to the General Assembly.

Who can be member of the General Assembly?

Permanent members include the elected representatives of each department, the members of the Committees of the General Assembly and members of the Presidium.

How can one become the Representative of their Department?

Through election. In every election period everyone willing to run for the title needs to apply at the Secretary of SU, after that the students of the department vote for their best choice to delegate to the General Assembly.

What committees does the General Assembly have?

The standing Committees that the General Assembly is obliged to have are the Scholastic Committee, the Student Welfare Committee, the Disciplinary and Compensational Committee and the Examining Committee.

What is the role of the Committees of the General Assembly?

The Committees of the General Assembly work on specialized fields, the results of which they constantly report to the General Assembly and the Presidium.

Who can be member of a Committee of the General Assembly?

Everyone with a voting right in the General Assembly can become a member, with the restriction that at least half of the members of a Committee should be the representative of a department.

What is the role of the Presidium?

The Presidium is responsible for the daily tasks and constant management.

Who can be member of the Presidium?

Everyone with a voting right in the General Assembly.

Where is the Students' Union Office and when is it open?

It is in room 008. in Wesselényi utca 52. When entering the building turn right instantly and there it is, the first door. Opening hours: Monday - Friday 14:00-15:00.

Is it possibly to print or copy in the SU Office?

No, you can do that next door, in the Central Copying Office.

How can I calculate my own credit index?

We multiply every grade by the number of credit points that goes with the same subject and add these up, then divide the sum by the number of credits you took that semester - that's how you get your credit index.

What is the Student Welfare Committee?

The Student Welfare Committee is one of the organisations of the University.

What is a credit point?

The numeral expression of the amount of work a student does. In a semester you need to have 30 credit points on average.

What is a lesson?

The lesson (contact lesson) is a direct teaching / learning process between teachers and students. Categories: individual or small-group practice, lecture, seminar. consultation.

What is an exam?

The exam is the process of testing your knowledge of a given subject. Categories: colloquium (from the material one semester), comprehensive exam (from the material of several semesters).

How can one retake an unsuccesful exam?

If you fail your exam your teacher is obliged to write it in the index. But they also have to provide you an opportunity to retake the exam.

How can one retake a successful exam for improving the results?

If you don't fail the exam but you want to improve your results you can take the exam one more time. You cannot retake it any more times, unless you fail it the second time in which case the same goes as if you failed it in the first place.

What is credit transmission and what good is it?

It makes easier to transfer between majors and / or universities.

What buildings does LFZE have?

1. Main building (Liszt Ferenc tér 8.), 2. Ligeti György building (Wesselényi utca 52.), the Old Academy of Music (Vörösmarty utca 35.), 4. College building (Semmelweis utca 12.), 5. Jazz and Folk Music Departments: Ádám Jenő Music School (not official building; Köztelek utca 8.)

The usual opening hours of buildings:

Monday - Friday 7:45 - 21:00, Saturday 9:00 - 18:00, Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

How can I book a practice room? 

Through the Official Practice Room Booking System of the University.