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The official merchandise products of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music are available here.
By ordering LFZE-branded T-shirts or the latest sweatshirts you can support the Students' Union and the student community of our university.
The T-shirts were produced by the Magenta-R Kft. Buy your own LFZE T-shirt by filling out the "T-Shirt Order Form" below!
Please note that the orders can only be submitted in specific times, so please visit and follow our Facebook and Instagram page for regular updates and further information.


We are also happy to announce that the brand new LFZE-branded sweatshirts just arrived! You can now order by filling out the "Sweatshirt Order Form" below.
We hope you will like them and enjoy wearing them!
If you want to order T-shirts or sweatshirts this semester, this is your last chance to do so! We will be closing the reservations soon. Submit your orders now by clicking on the links below.
You can find the details (price, order deadline, sizes, colors etc.) and further information on the following forms.


After submitting your orders by filling out the forms, we will get in touch with each of you individually in regard to the payment.
Order deadline: 2021.03.26.
Payment deadline: 2021.03.26.

T-shirt Order Form

Sweatshirt Order Form