Get to know the members of our Student Union!

Zoltán Németh

My name is Zoltán Németh, and I have been the president of the Student Union at the Liszt Academy since October 25, 2022. I strive to dedicate every free moment to make our student life more exciting, interesting, and at the same time, more peaceful. I continuously monitor the higher education situation in the country and, based on this, aim to convey the interests of the students to the processes at the Liszt Academy. I am committed to respecting the voice and opinions of every student, considering them as constructive feedback, and transmitting them to the university’s leadership. I also believe that the more people participate in decision-making, the more diverse and balanced community we can create. Throughout our student years, we all face numerous challenges, but together, as a community, we can overcome any situation, and you are essential for that. So, please don’t hesitate to contact me, whether with an idea or a complaint. You can count on me and the entire Board to always work for your interests. And when I’m not dealing with student union matters, I’m probably listening to music, teaching, practicing, or looking for a new hobby. Recently, for example, I started taking care of cacti and learning Estonian (not to mention trying to explore the classical music life of Central Asia, but that belongs to the realm of impossible tasks…).

András Dénes

I am Andrew, the Vice President for Finance. My main subject is the trombone, but I have numerous hobbies, and I’m always in a hurry. My efficiency obsession fits perfectly into my responsibilities within the Student Union, which include tasks such as preparing payment lists, managing academic scholarships, and handling procurement matters (which also includes sports equipment). My goal is to maximize the financial organization of the Student Union, and I am proficient in spreadsheet management and other computer-related tasks.

Dénes András

Bálint Hollós

I am Bálint Hollós, the secretary, and incidentally, if I am not mistaken, the oldest member of the Board. 😀 The secretary’s position involves the “quieter” tasks of the Student Union, including filing all kinds of official documents, handling administrative duties, and compiling the weekly opening hours of the Student Union office. Since I generally do not seek attention or the spotlight, this quiet background work suits me well, and I enjoy doing it. By the way – although I originally started as a double bass player in music school – I am now in my third year of the undivided music and music theory teaching program, having previously completed a university degree completely unrelated to music. My interests extend beyond the realm of music, and if you ever see me with headphones on, there’s a good chance I’m listening to a podcast about the Investiture Controversy of the Holy Roman Empire or the current political debates in the United Kingdom. Of course, at other times, I might be delving into the intricacies of music theory; that’s also an essential part of my everyday life. 😊

Fanni Melánia Tóth

I am Fanni Melánia Tóth, the Vice President and Event Organizer of the Student Union. As the Vice President, my main goals include providing maximum support to Zoli’s work and collectively elevating student interest to the highest level possible. In my role as an event organizer, I believe that the revitalization of the social life at the music academy starts with this task. I aim to continue offering diverse and frequent events to facilitate not only enjoyable evenings in B-Terem but also the development of valuable professional friendships. As part of this initiative, the HÖK Podium Podcast has been launched under my leadership and that of my composer friend/colleague, Magor Bucz. The goal is to reach as many people as possible with a cheerful, professional “roundtable” discussion. My main subject is classical singing, and in my free time, you can usually find me listening to an opera at home or on the bus. 😊 I enjoy dancing, crafting, and my recent hobby is jewelry making. You can typically find me with a coffee and among friends at the ZAK café and Wessi. 😊


Luca Balogh

Hi everyone! I’m Luca. I’m a second-year student majoring in Classical Singing, and I also serve as the vice president (of tuition-related tasks) of the Student Union. I have a passion for learning and discovering new things. That’s why I’ve been sitting in classrooms for almost 20 years, exploring various undergraduate and master’s programs and challenging my knowledge with different teachers. This journey unintentionally led me to become familiar with numerous educational and administrative systems, along with their essential pitfalls. I’ve come to leverage this knowledge within the Student Union as well.

I firmly believe that students have always had, have, and will continue to have issues with the system they’re studying in, and that’s perfectly alright because it somehow prepares us for life. However, I will do everything in my power to make these problems more manageable for you all. After all, the university is ultimately for the students, and we, as student representatives, are here to ensure that these types of issues eventually disappear. Let’s work together to ensure that the time we spend together focuses solely on the love of music!