During Liszt Day, we organize morning sports activities for our fellow students. In addition to classic ball games such as football, basketball, and table tennis, there will also be skill-based competitions featuring puzzles and music knowledge quizzes to add variety. Typically, the Margitsziget Athletic Center serves as the venue for the first half of the day. After a midday break, our folk musicians make the evening unforgettable with a dance house. The event is held once a year. Our aim is to provide students with opportunities not only to meet within the university walls but also to participate together in informal leisure activities.

At the Freshers’ Ball, held in mid-November, the prevailing atmosphere is one of uninhibited joy. We welcome the freshmen, who are already familiar with the responsible world of the university, with a welcome drink, followed by casual conversations. The mood is set for the arrival of the guest musician with a video montage of the previous freshman camp. Throughout the Saturday night festivities, which last until dawn, attendees have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets, increasing their chances of winning unique prizes. The ball takes place at the Budapest Jazz Club, located around Jászai Mari tér.

The Dux Circle is the university’s community responsible for organizing freshman camps and team-building activities. In the Dux Camp, held in early July, participants engage in games similar to gilicetitibor, humorous performances, and, of course, uplifting moments. After experiencing these, participants emerge as leaders, with the opportunity to attend even more Dux Camps and further bond with the youth of the Music Academy.

The Fresher’s Camp is a program jointly organized by the Student Union (HÖK) of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and the Dux Circle, held every August. This 5-day residential camp provides our freshmen with the opportunity to get to know each other as well as upperclassmen, and participate in various community-building activities.