Scholarship for Studies in Spring 2024

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you about the thresholds of scholarships for the spring semester:

SpecializationKKI border
Brass & percussion5.07
Harpsichord, organ, guitar, harp, accordion, dulcimer5.00
Cello & double bass4.77
Violin & viola4.70
Choral and theory subjects4.80
Classical singing4.73
Folk music4.87
Musicology and church music4.83
Piano, correpetitor5.17

The highest given scholarship will be 34 700 Ft, while the lowest will be 16 500 Ft.

As you have already been informed, this year scholarships have been determined based on the adjusted credit index, where not only the GPA matters but also the number of completed credits. You can find this average in Neptun (Studies -> Academic Averages -> 2023/2024/1 -> click on the plus sign). The KKI may easily show an average above 5.0, so don’t be surprised!

The transfer list will be submitted on Monday so that you can receive the scholarships in March.

Best regards,

The HÖK Team